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Intel Growers Int'l Launches "Farmin' Garden" Campaign

Ocoee, Florida, February 2021 — Intel Growers International (“iGi”) has announced the activation of Project:Agri-21, a campaign oriented to support the United Nations’ call to action issued through its designation of 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.

February 2021 will see the roll out of the community-based “Farmin’ Garden” initiative, which will promote the creation of micro-farms and edible gardens. A primary objective of the initiative is to demonstrate how local farming can positively impact food security, economic advantage and reducing our carbon footprint through food recycling.

Under this initiative, iGi will sponsor micro-farming projects in selected schools and communities in Jamaica and the United States. Depending on the scale and location of the individual projects, the harvest may be integrated into existing nutrition programs in the case of schools, sold at farmers markets, or distributed through philanthropic leadership initiatives in the community.

“The UN has stated its objective to raise awareness on the important role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, food security and health, as well as in achieving Sustainable Development Goals,” notes Head of iGi, Dr. Claudette Simpson. “This perfectly aligns with iGi’s 360o approach to investing in civic agriculture by ensuring universal access to the basic knowledge needed for healthy, sustainable outcomes in any scale farming venture.”

In collaboration with its network of agricultural sector partners, the projects will initially be mobilized with starter seeds and other inputs. iGi will also support the projects with targeted training and technical oversight until the installations are established, documenting the progress and lessons learned from start to harvest.



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