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IGI's primary mission is to facilitate training, funding support and market opportunities as a means to eliminating the barriers to entry and sustainable success in agri-business, particularly for those deprived or denied access to opportunities on the basis of social, educational and/or economic status.


A world in which the business of agriculture is the most accessible path to elevating the human condition, and serves as a cornerstone of generational wealth-building, socio-economic equity, independence and stability.

  • Community Building

  • Growth and learning

  • Respect

  • Accountability

  • Humility

  • Excellence


We enable our network partners including farmers, traders and investors to build operating models that are adaptable and innovative in the face of change, and ultimately provide the highest value at every point in the value chain from farm to consumer.

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We identify and enable commercial opportunities for farmers, ensuring sustainable livelihoods and expansive economic opportunity for the communities in which they operate. We implement marketing solutions for both large, established farms as well as smaller, informal farmers who would otherwise not have access to formal markets.


Our approach seeks to efficiently facilitate collaboration between farmers, processors, and traders. Key services include market identification and access, as well as operational support including warehousing and transportation.


By working together with multiple partners in the value-chain, we are able to augment the capacity of farmers to grow and sustain commercially viable businesses, both locally and for international export markets. 



Sustainable farming practices and the integration of innovative technologies are key to transformation and consistent, long-term viability for the agriculture sector.  Through our innovation agenda, Intel Growers International seeks to level the playing field for farmers and raise the value proposition presented to both traders and end-consumers. 


We provide training on transformative innovations and access to breakthrough research geared at increasing crop resilience, production capacity and nutritional outcomes.  Our learning programs – offered in both single- and multi-client settings, are comprehensive and tailored to supporting farmers in overcoming a wide range of technical, operational and soft skill challenges that would otherwise suppress profitability and thwart sustainability. 


While providing for economic opportunity, social development and food security, agriculture also offers tremendous opportunity for returns from any number of activities, from appreciation through real estate development to gains from value-added product and service derivatives. 


However, there are unique risks, and underestimating them can have an adverse cascading impact.  


Given our technical expertise, collaborative approach to network building and our cornerstone role as market facilitators, Intel Growers International is uniquely qualified as agriculture investment facilitators and for both government and private sector funding agencies. 

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